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ICUnursingcareers.com provides critical care nurse hopefuls with helpful industry resources and connects them to accredited degree options for career advancement. It is our mission to help nurses in their personal and professional development by helping them advance their career with a degree that is right for them, and assist in the job search. To fulfill our mission, we have developed a host of resources and tools to make educational and career advancement a seamless and straight-forward process.

  • Resources, guides, articles and more – created for critical care professionals to keep them updated on the latest trends in the ever-changing field of nursing as well as providing them with lifestyle tips and sticks to help them navigate the workplace.
  • Featured online degree programs that fit your lifestyle and aspirations. Ranging from Bachelors, to Masters and Doctorates, we want to help you find the educational path that will help you best advance your career.
  • Insight into potential critical care careers, specializations, and certifications.
  • A deeper understanding of the life of an ICU nurse.
  • A glimpse into the different practice areas in critical care which include the traditional ICU and specialized critical care units such as the NICU and the PICU.