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A Guide: Top Ways ICU Nurses Can Manage Stress

According to a study published in Nursing Research and Practice, “nearly all respondents (92 percent) had moderate, high or very high levels of work-related stress. Only about 8 percent reported low or very low stress levels.” As a nurse, you are given long hours, a diverse community of patients to care for, and intense challenges […]

A Puppy in the Classroom

Service dogs and therapy dogs are becoming very popular in our society today. Nearly anywhere you go, you may see a dog out in public providing support, whether emotional or physical. There are many organizations that train puppies and dogs to be a service animal. Have you heard of Canine Companions for Independence? Many years ago, […]


Certifications for ICU Nurses:

ICU Nurse Certifications Now that you have finally become an ICU nurse, you may be wondering what other certifications you may want to consider adding to your resume. There are some basic certifications most ICU nurses acquire that are not ICU specific such as BLS, basic arrhythmia, EKG interpretation, and ACLS, but other certifications apply to […]


ICU Nurses Guide to Self-improvement

Being an ICU nurse doesn’t happen by accident. Now that you are here it is important to have a clear plan for avoiding pitfalls and to ensure your continued development. Let’s explore several strategies top ICU nurses implore to keep themselves thriving in their careers. Embrace Change It’s no secret that nothing stays the same. […]

How to Best Manage Your Emotions at Work

ICU Nursing Skills: Managing Your Emotions As previously covered in the Key aptitudes, collecting data, anticipating changes, teamwork, and consistency are ideal ICU nursing skills. Even with advanced skill sets in these areas challenges still, arise from internal and external sources. Taking the initiative to simplify communication around a shift can help ensure focus and […]

Nursing Careers: How to Take Yours to the Next Level

Let’s talk nursing careers and how to take your career to the next level. At some point in your nursing career, you may question if you are working for the right organization or if you are working in the right role. Find out what to do to make yourself marketable. Taking the time to stop […]

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Key Aptitudes for Successful ICU Nurses

Intensive Care Nursing: Key Aptitudes Intensive care nursing provides a crucial role in the care of patients who are vulnerable. ICU nurses show high aptitude in several vital areas include collecting data, anticipating changes, teamwork, and consistency. Collecting Data: Intensive care nursing requires its nurses to collect data in ways that are not always apparent […]