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If you want to expand your nursing knowledge but you’re short on time, podcasts will be your new best friends. Podcasts are an amazing tool to learn more about whatever topic you want to delve in.

These podcasts are perfect to listen to when you are cooking, exercising, or getting ready for bed. They also help you avoid burning out from work.

Here are some of the best nursing podcasts that are beneficial to ICU nurses.


Nursecasts: A Podcast for Nurses By Nurses sheds light on the most difficult subjects for nurses. This engaging program informs people about new topics about the job’s policy.

It also dabbles on education laws and nursing entrepreneurship.

The program helps ICU nurses recognize vital healthcare issues. These include tips to get ahead of their career and policies that have a bearing on the patient’s health.

Joe Morita, the Senior Acquisitions Editor of Springer Publishing Company, hosts it.

Evidence-Based Nursing

Evidence-Based Nursing uses literature research studies to bring focused information to its listeners. This short podcast is suitable for ICU nurses who want to learn relevant matters without having to sacrifice tons of time. It uses actual case files and practical real-world studies to discuss specific topics.

Good Nurse Bad Nurse

Good Nurse Bad Nurse is as interesting as its title. This fun and amusing program highlights one of a kind medical stories. It also stands out due to the host’s famous sense of humor.

The podcast shares two cases per episode. One is an inspirational story, and the other is a mysterious one. Two nurses host the show.

The program also discusses up-to-date events and attention-grabbing topics in the medical field. Some examples of its hit episodes are “Good Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Bad Navy Medic”, and “Work Place Bullying”.

Lab Values Podcast

Being assigned in the ICU does not mean you need to forego all laboratory-related matters.

Whether you want to review your knowledge of compounding, urinalysis, or blood tests, this podcast tackles it. Those who want to listen to this can find it archived in the NRSNG Academy Page.

New Nurse Podcast

New Nurse is famous for being one of the most solid nursing podcasts. This podcast leans towards ICU newbies. It also discusses clinical topics.

Moreover, the host educates her audience about complex subjects in the health industry. It also has a great way of helping listeners grasp topics and techniques about the industry.

Nursing Mnemonics Podcast

The audience of this podcast are students and nurses who are still starting out. However, it is still a hit to those who want to keep on reviewing what they already know.

Using mnemonics is a surefire way of helping people remember things. The Nursing Mnemonics Podcast reminds nurses of what they learned in nursing school.

Produced by the NRSNG podcasting channel, this program presents countless mnemonics. This could be helpful in remembering tasks and key concepts.

Using mnemonics can help you distinguish certain types of sickness. It can even help you remember how to insert intrauterine devices and other more complex nursing techniques.

Nursing Uncensored

If you are trying to find a fun podcast that you can relate to, look no further. Listening to Nursing Chronicles will feel like reading a page from your own diary.

This amusing podcast lets you peek into another side of nursing that you did not know of while you were still in school. In the show, host Adrianne Benning produces an impalpable connection to her guests.

Make sure to get ready for the laugh of a lifetime as you listen to this honest and comical program.

Once A Nurse, Always A Nurse

Nursing educator Leanne Meier heads this podcast.

It discusses issues in nursing and healthcare in general. Once A Nurse, Always A Nurse also offers its listeners a look into human elements that form between patients and professionals.

In her podcast, Meier shares her wisdom as she interviews people from different fields in the industry such as scholars, practitioners, and educators.

It tackles issues such as government policies, including healthcare problems we’re facing today. It also discusses how to deal with conflict in the workplace.


RNFM provides its listeners with a vibrant roundtable discussion. It examines the most pressing issues in nursing.

The show is famous for its charismatic hosts such as Ashley Pofit Miller, Sean Dent, and Keith Carlson. This casual podcast will make you feel as if you are having brunch with some of your best nurse friends.

The Drexel Medcast

This nurse podcast currently has 29 episodes. It puts the spotlight on diseases and medical disciplines. In under 20 minutes, it teaches its listeners about a wide array of topics from alternative therapies to allergies.

It also brings the most distinguished experts in the world to supply information. This is a great podcast for people who want to listen but can only spend time for short bursts of information. Most podcasts can go for an hour or two, so it’s good to have a shorter alternative.

The Nurse Practitioner Money Show

In nursing, money matters. In this podcast, Chris Wood interviews leading people in the industry and extracts economic-related lessons from them that a nurse could apply in daily life.

Highlighting the financial side of working as a nurse, this show also teaches nurses where to start if they want to venture on a business, negotiate contracts, cope with loans, and more.

Listen to These Great Nursing Podcasts Now!

These programs are not only a great way to entertain yourself, but they’re also fantastic ways to update yourself on the latest buzz on nursing.

Most nursing podcasts are free and available online.

Making a hobby of listening to a number of these programs every week is guaranteed to help you provide better service.

But don’t stop there. Visit us now and read our other guides. Here’s one to help you to be a better ICU nurse.

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